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02/09/2022 New Outlook Toolbox version released!

Outlook Toolbox Update (1.02) Was Released on Our Websites!



The new and fresh update introduces new functionality - Unified Inbox. Unified Inbox allows you to set up your Microsoft Outlook so every time you open Microsoft Outlook you will be able to see new emails from all Inboxes that you have configured. Custom folders can also be configured to be opened.



Functional Changes:

Introduced new functionality - Unified Inbox. When enabled, Outlook will start with all new emails displayed from all Inboxes simultaneously. The view of the unified inbox can be customized in the following: 

  • Show only unread emails
  • Change the date range of email that is being displayed
  • Select folders that you want to be displayed


You can also quickly change to Unified Inbox view in Outlook itself by using the add-in button.



Technical Changes

Redemption was newly added to the application. Redemption version - 5.23. Default build includes both bitness versions (32 bit and 64 bit), so no download should be necessary after bit detection.


You can download the latest version of the Outlook Toolbox 1.02 version here.


Free users will be able to preview functionality 3 times (on the demo version). Afterward, a dialog informing the user that functionality is available only after purchasing a license is displayed.

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