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06/06/2021 Google Contacts API migrating to People API

Starting from June 15th, 2021, Google will be shutting down their legacy Google Contacts API which will be replaced by the new People API. The People API, released in February 2016, uses a newer JSON protocol and provides advanced features over the former version. This includes merging contacts with profiles and different management of "Other contacts" in Google. To learn more about the People API, click this link.



Why is this important?

Several 4Team applications (including Sync2, Sync2 Cloud, SyncGene, and vCard Wizard) are capable of accessing Google Contacts through Google Contacts API. Now that the old API is shutting down, we will be migrating our apps to the new API and creating new releases of above-mentioned apps. Our development team is very excited to migrate to the new People API and we hope that this huge update will bring more stability when managing Google Contacts. It could potentially bring new functionalities to our products as well.

Performance issues?

With new updates of this magnitude, there is always a risk of issues that could impact the performance of our products. In the coming weeks, we will be closely monitoring the performance of our updated versions for Sync2, Sync2 Cloud, SyncGene, and vCard Wizard; and address any possible issues we notice with a help of our community.

Will old versions of the products still be able to function?

Our applications offer a wide range of sync/data transfer options not just for contacts, but for other items like calendars and tasks which can sync across multiple platforms, such as Google, iCloud, and Exchange. So, the majority of our applications will not be impacted in terms of functionality. However, when it comes managing Google Contacts specifically, the old Google API will be shutting down in stages during the upcoming months. Older 4team application versions which are using the old API will eventually not be able to link with Google Contacts. We encourage all users to update to the most recent versions of 4Team products as soon as new versions become available.

Note: Please make sure to check your 4Team application license validity before updating.

When are new 4Team product versions coming out?

The exact date cannot be disclosed but our developers are working hard to bring the new updated versions as soon as possible. As soon as the new apps are available to the general public, we will be sending a mass email to all our customers informing you about the update. 

Getting help via Live Help Chat

Each individual 4Team product website has different options available for you to get in touch with our technical support operators. This may appear as either Start Live Chat, LET'S CHAT, or the Chat widget. We will assist you with any questions about the new update, help you with updating your applications, and troubleshoot any issues with our apps.




  • Always use the most up-to-date version of the 4Team application. This will ensure that you have the latest support for new features.
  • If you notice any Google Contacts-related issues with newly released versions of our products, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will assist you with the issue and flag this to help others too.

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