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09/16/2021 New versions released for SyncGene, Sync2, and Sync2 Cloud!!!

For the last few months, our developer team was working hard towards adapting our synchronization software from the old Google Contacts API to the new Google People API and we're happy to announce that we have finalized and released the latest versions of Sync2, Sync2 Cloud, and deployed the latest build of SyncGene that all now fully support the new People API.



Several other bug fixes and cosmetic updates were made to improve stability and make apps more user-friendly. For more information, you can visit each app's version history page.

You can download the latest Sync2 2.90 version by visiting Sync2's website or read the following article on How to Update Sync2 to Latest Version.

You can download the latest Sync2 Cloud 2.20 version by visiting Sync2 Cloud's website or read the following article on How to Update Sync2 Cloud to Latest Version.

Getting help via Live Help Chat

Each individual 4Team product website has different options available for you to get in touch with our technical support operators. This may appear as either Start Live Chat, LET'S CHAT, or the Chat widget. We will assist you with any questions about the new update, help you with updating your applications, and troubleshoot any issues with our apps.




  • Always use the most up-to-date version of the 4Team application. This will ensure that you have the latest support for new features.
  • If you notice any Google Contacts-related issues with newly released versions of our products, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will assist you with the issue and flag this to help others too.

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