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Error: This browser or app may not be secure

In some cases, when trying to add Google account/source to Sync2, an error message may appear telling you that This browser or app may not be secure. This will prohibit further actions and users will not be able to successfully add their Google account/source to the application.



Solution #1 - Updating Sync2 application to the latest version

Ensure your application is running the latest version. All latest versions of Sync2 were updated to support new OAuth authorization protocols.

To check if you have the latest version for Sync2, open the Sync2 application and click Help > About Sync2. In the About window, make sure the version number is at least 2.88.xxxx. If it's anything lower, click the Check for Update button and update it to the latest version. Your license must be valid for a free update.



Solution #2 - switching to a different default browser 

If the latest version 4Team application is already being used but you still can't get past the Add Google Account/Source window, switch to a different default browser other than Microsoft Edge.

Step 1. Click the Windows Start button and go to Settings.



Step 2. In the Settings window go to Apps.



Step 3. In the Apps window select the Default apps option on the left side of the window, then scroll down to the very bottom where you will see the Web Browser option with the current browser set as default. Make sure you change it to a different browser other than Microsoft Edge (Chrome, Firefox).



Step 4. Finally, go back to the Sync2 application and try to link it with Google Account/Source once more. If it still fails, try another available browser and repeat the process again.

Solution #3 - getting help via Live Help Chat.

Each individual 4Team product website has different options available for you to get in touch with our technical support operators. This may appear as either Start Live Chat,
LET'S CHAT, or the Chat widget.

We will assist you remotely by investigating the issue and offering possible solutions. We can also provide further assistance if you have any other questions regarding the software.




  • If you are unsure about how to accomplish the above steps, please do not hesitate to contact us. Visit our Live Help Chat customer service where our technical support operators will assist you.
  • Always confirm the license validity of your 4Team application before attempting to update it to the latest version.

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