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How To Install GoToAssist Support - Customer

This tutorial will guide you through the installation steps required to install GoToAssist Support - Customer app and establish a remote connection.

Step 1. Visit Google Play store and do a search for GoToAssist Support - Customer app. Once you find it - install it and open it afterward.

Step 2. Input the support key given to you by tech. support operator.

Step 3. Click the JOIN SESSION button.



Step 4. Wait for the connection to be established then click ALLOW button.

Step 5. Click the OPEN ACCESSIBILITY button.



Step 6. Find the GoToAssist in the apps list and tap on it.

Step 7. Turn on the slider to use GoToAssist.

Step 8. Click ALLOW option.



Step 9. Click the START NOW option.



How to Uninstall the GoToAssist Customer - Support app?

Step 1. Locate the app in your list of apps, tap and hold on its icon until the menu appears, then select Uninstall option.




  • Steps may vary due to the huge variety of phone models and Android OS versions.

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