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Incorrect Activation Code! Error - Duplicate Killer

In some cases when trying to activate some of the 4Team applications, you can receive an activation error: Activation Failed - Incorrect activation code!



Now, his error usually appears when the activation key is not input correctly, users mix O with a 0 while trying to type in the code by hand instead of using copy/paste or sometimes they leave spaces before or after which could account for the failed activation. However, there are some exceptions when even if a correct key is entered - you will still receive the error.

Why is activation failing even though the correct key was entered?

This has to do with Duplicate Killer compatibility with Outlook. Duplicate Killer can only work with 32-bit Outlook. So if you try to install the add-in on a system with 64-bit Outlook, instead of installing Duplicate Killer - Duplicate Remover will be installed instead which does support 64-bit Outlook. So, when you then try to activate Duplicate Remover with an activation key that belongs to Duplicate Killer - you get an Incorrect activation code! error. You can see which software you are trying to activate by reading the name of the app at the top left corner of the error message.



If you want to find out what bit version Outlook you are currently using, please read the article about How to find Outlooks bit version.

How to resolve this issue?

There are two options to resolve it:

Switching to 32-bit Outlook. 

If you prefer Duplicate Killer over Duplicate Remover, the only way it is going to work in your Outlook is if your Outlook is 32-bit. So, if you have 64-bit Outlook, you would have to uninstall it and reinstall the 32-bit version which you can always do from your Microsoft Office account at www.office.com. Be sure to consult with someone who has done this before and backup your Outlook data before making the switch, because email accounts you set up will most likely need to be re-setup afterward.

Switching to Duplicate Remover.

If you do not want to deal with the hassle of reinstalling the entire MS Office suite and want to stick with 64-bit Outlook and Duplicate Remover, you need your license swapped from Duplicate Killer to Duplicate Remover. For that, you will need to contact our sales department chat, email, or contact them by phone listed at the end of the article.

Each individual 4Team product website has different options available for you to get in touch with our customer support operators. This may appear as either Start Live Chat, LET'S CHAT, or the Chat widget.



Once you get in touch with our sales operators, they will assist you with the license swap and you will be able to successfully activate Duplicate Remover.


  • Always read the System Requirements page on the website before installing the software.
  • Duplicate Killer is a 32-bit application and can only work with 32-bit Outlook.

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